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The Greater Southern Waterfront was first announced in 2013. It comprises 30km of coastline stretching from Gardens by the Bay East all the way to Pasir Panjang. That’s 2,000ha of land – twice the size of Punggol, six times the size of Marina Bay and approximately the area of 465 Padangs.

The Greater Southern Waterfront was thrown into the limelight again after the National Day Rally 2019, when more plans for the Greater Southern Waterfront were announced. Plans for the area include a slew of housing projects, new attractions and offices. Pulau Brani would also be developed into a fun and recreational island, and the two decommissioned power stations at Pasir Panjang would also be redeveloped.

Most recently, HDB announced on 12 April 2022 that 6,000 flats will be built in the Greater Southern Waterfront area, on the current Keppel Club site. Within the next three years, these BTO flats will be launched for sale. Another 3,000 private housing units will be built on the 48ha site.

Grandiose plans have been laid out, and stunning artist impressions extoll the visual virtues of the Greater Southern Waterfront. But what is it really, and how great will it really be when it’s finally completed, post-2040? Here’s everything we know about the Greater Southern Waterfront – especially regarding the plan for the 9,000 new homes in the area!